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Top Standalone Drawing Tablet For Graphic Designers

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Standalone Drawing Tablet is one of the essential tools for any digital artists and graphic designers. Standalone Drawing Tablets comes equipped with all the essential features and tools for graphic designing. Using this device, you can explore your creativity in the most efficient way. If you are a graphic designer, a Standalone Drawing Tablet is a must-have. A Standalone Drawing Tablet is designed in a way to make work easier and more convenient for graphic designers.

And because this device is designed to run intense graphic software’s or programmes, they have a long-lasting battery which is a crucial factor that can impact your work. With that said, let’s now look into some of the top Standalone Drawing Tablet for graphic designers. Let’s start with Microsoft Surface Book 2. This Microsoft Surface Book 2 Standalone Drawing Tablet features 8 GB RAM and 256GB. The dimension of this device is about 12.3×9.14×0.9 inch. It is available in two colors, black and silver. It also features powered professional-grade software with the latest Intel processor.

This drawing tablet is very versatile and portable. It also comes with four different work modes which are excellent. Another outstanding drawing tablets that don`t need a computer for graphic designing is the Apple iPad. The screen size of this drawing tablet is 10.2inch with a storage capacity of 32GB. The Apple iPad is easy for use and versatile. It also features smart keyboard and an Apple pencil. This drawing tablet offers fast performance and has a long-lasting battery. It is also excellent for multi-tasking. The Apple iPad provides a high-resolution screen display which is essential for designing work.

Microsoft Surface Pro X is also an excellent Standalone Drawing Tablet that you can check out. This drawing tablet comes with a sleek design featuring 13″ touchscreen. It also features long battery life and high graphics. Microsoft Surface Pro X makes an excellent choice for graphic designing because of its high-quality performance. If you are planning to buy one, it will help if you consider the features offered by different brands and choose one that meets your requirement.

It includes a versatile interface and is user friendly. Another high Standalone Drawing Tablet for digital art includes HP ZBookX2-G4 laptop. This drawing tablet is accompanied by an HD touchscreen ensuring clarity and also an active pencil. It features 8GB RAM and 14 inch screen size. Additionally, it features 18GB storage capability. It is excellent for handling professional application. Additionally, it also comes with a slick design that increases the attractiveness of the tablet.

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