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The New Version of Arcade Game; 3

0 57 3 is the new upgraded version of 2 and It is a real-time multiplayer survival game and supported by VooDoo. Like, 2 you have to scrape off the territory areas of other players to win. The gameplay is the same as the first two versions. Its new upgrade comes with various new features for the game. 3 has some major changes in the graphic field. You can see that the upgrade is almost like 3D. The setting of the game in this version is also very different. Unlike the maps in and 2, 3, it is on a rotating cube, and players have to scrape off the areas using their colored cubes. As you try to circle to create loops for your territory, the cube itself revolves. The gameplay, however, remains the same so it’s easy to play if you have tried paper. io.

You gain territory on the map when you steal safe zone areas of other players. If you get cut off by another player while creating loops, or you hit your tail, you lose. This new version has no edges whatsoever, and you can move freely. The gameplay is smooth and effective. When you kill a certain amount of players, you gain a speed boost for a few seconds. 3 makes it possible for you to secure your area up to 100%. It has made it easier for players. In addition, 3 has new skins and maps that you can unlock in the game.

You will experience a smooth drawing experience with the new 3. If you collect stars as you play and reach 100%, you can unlock new levels and bonuses. Killing a certain number of players gives you new skins for your cubes. The Arcade game was released worldwide on 1st August 2020. The game can be downloaded through the Google play store and is supported on Android as well as iOS operators.

Similar games have ventured in the exact same. Io genre following the same principle. These games play the exact same but follow different metagames and challenges. is available on both cellular and PC platforms. But, it’s on-line version offers slightly more variants to the accessible game modes. It features different avenues, mini-games, and related challenges to its app counterpart. Despite its simplicity and ads, at its heart, it is still an enjoyable game that continues to appeal new and returning older players.

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