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How to Fix Service Host Sysmain High Disk Usage

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For comprehending service host sysmain high disk usage, it is essential first to know what SysMain is. In the past, SysMain was called Superfetch. It is a Windows Service to accelerate the computer’s boot time and helps in loading programs faster. Essentially, SysMain is an optimization tool. It’s like an index for system applications and processes.

Some signs of service server sysmain high disk utilization will show up. The primary symptom is the overall slowness of the PC to requests, responses, and functions. For instance, while launching a browser or launching an application, the computer will take longer than normal to complete the request or procedure. It will be evident if the user checks Task Manager. It has been observed that if someone is still using a non-SSD hard drive, the problem appears more widespread.

Sysmain using 100% cpu and 100% disk is allowed only on PCs with mechanical hard drives and not SSD (Solid State Drives). It observes the applications which the user frequently uses and loads the files into RAM for speeding them up when being launched. Sometimes, a bug may cause SysMain to use a high number of resources on Windows 10. For fixing service server sysmain high disk utilization, it is recommended to disable the SysMain service. Users should just disable it only if they confront this issue as it can increase the speed of launching programs on mechanical hard drives. However, if the SysMain process is eating up all of the tools, the only way to hasten the PC is by disabling it.

So, how can one disable the SysMain service? Users can disable it from the Windows Services. For launching it, click on the Start button, type’Services’, and select the shortcut. One can also click on the Windows+R and press Enter. It’s recommended to restart the computer after disabling the SysMain service. After disabling it, the high CPU and disk utilization is reduced immediately. However, disabling SysMain isn’t ideal as it offers a performance boost if it functions properly. Microsoft is hopefully working to fix service host sysmain high disk usage later on.

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