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About Kim Dao skincare and makeup tutorial

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Kim Dao is known as the most popular YouTuber, who makes a lot of YouTube videos from vlog to skincare routine. Kim Dao teaches a lot of young girls on how to use the right skincare routine and makeup, guiding the youngsters. Just before she starts her skincare routine, she makes sure to have her faced cleaned. Her First step is to use an oil-based cleanser to cleanse. Kim Dao uses the Spring Green Tea moisture cleansing oil to wear off the makeup she has put on. She would first use a makeup wipe to remove all her makeup first and then to the based cleanser; she is more likely to remove her makeup in a water-based cleanser.

Using water-based cleanser also keeps her face hydrated and doesn’t dry out. The skins pop out some product and then massage it all over her face to remove any makeup residue. The first routine gives her a glass skin effect look is finished. After it’s done, she washes off her face with some warm water and pats her face dry with a towel. After the first step, Kim Dao uses the edge house baking powder pore cleansing foam.

Kim Dao likes to use foam net as it is gentler on her face, a little bit of product. Once the foam has formed, she massages this around her face. After her face is clean, she starts putting on products that skin can absorb first, then uses a toner which helps balance the pH level of the skin is turning provides moisture and leaves the skin feeling soft and ready for absorption for the next few products that she is going to use. Next, she uses serum; it is like a more concentrated version of essence. She is using aleene’s spray.

The green tea seed gives the skin a lot of moisture and hydration the skin; it gives you a brighter skin tone and also evens the skin tone. Then Kim Dao applies a moisturizer all over her face to keep the faith hydrated. Since it has moist, full collagen moisturizer, this is one of her favorite creams as it keeps the skin hydrated with its smooth and makes her feel good after using it. If she is going, she uses sunscreen, but if Kim Dao goes to bed, she uses the sleeping mask. The Skincare routine takes care of her face while showing the tutorial; she also gives skincare education to many young girls watching her video.

Along with her shock, she even receives her proposition right in front of Howarth University. Kim Dao additionally had a Harry Potter theme wedding together with her husband. Using a substantial admirer of followers and viewers, Kim Dao is actually a dominant YouTuber and Blogger. She’s also a highly effective influencer, and also her YouTube channel blogs and videos show her zeal and enthusiasm for a completely free woman and spirit. She’s definitely an incredibly awesome and powerful lady.

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